Hope, Compassion and Possibilities

Money raised through this capital campaign will be used to build community homes for individuals with intellectual disabilities and complex medical conditions.

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 Click on the HOUSE photo to begin building homes with us and on the RESIDENT photo to see what a difference one of our generous community partners is making.




As Co-Chairs of EHCA’s Capital Campaign of Hope, Compassion and Possibilities, we have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the tremendous community outpouring of support for both EHCA and this project. The cost to build all four medically equipped homes was estimated to approach $5 million. We thought initially we could raise $1.5 million for the cause. It is our honor to announce that because of your outstanding generosity, we raised almost $2.8 million!

The foundation of the capital campaign is the great work provided at EHCA by its staff. To give to a capital campaign, donors must believe in the mission of the agency, and we have a terrific mission staffed by wonderful employees. Without a doubt, the campaign wouldn’t have been a success without their daily efforts to provide services to the agency’s many clients.

We have remarkable individual donors and corporate partners who demonstrated their passionate support for EHCA’s vision by contributing to the campaign. Erie is known to be a very generous community, and these folks proved it in ways that both inspired and humbled us. Thank you.

Secondly, the employees of EHCA stepped up in a big way. We received $66,792 in pledges from agency staff! Other donors we spoke to were significantly impressed that those who work here also believe in the mission and were willing to donate their hard-earned dollars to the cause.

Our Board of Directors also contributed greatly. We had 100% participation from the board, with current and former board members pledging $390,000 to the campaign. Again, this dedication encouraged other donors to give. The Board of Directors, led by Board President Jerry Cannon, also worked hard to oversee building project details and timelines to ensure construction plans were ready to go.

We want to thank CEO Chuck Walczak for his leadership and enthusiasm, Jonathan Rilling for his dedication to this exciting project, Ted Wood for his invaluable guidance, and Bev Keep, Peg Smith-Rich, Shannon Weber, and other members of the agency’s executive staff for their endless help and efforts.

Finally, it has been a wonderful experience to work with the talented and caring group of people in our Capital Campaign Cabinet. They worked tirelessly to make this campaign a success. We also want to thank campaign committee members Paul Carpenedo, Libby Lechner, Carly Manino, and Nan Mehl. Their devotion, time, and efforts created a vital impact for EHCA and its residents that will last well into the future.

Come back to this page for periodic updates on the progress of the project and the impact your dollars are having in the lives of the extraordinary individuals served by EHCA. On their behalf, we thank you.

Capital Campaign Co-Chairs Ann Halupczynski and Edwin Smith, Esq.





To learn more or arrange for a representative to call on you, contact Jonathan Rilling at 814.315.1855 or at