How many residents live in EHCA homes?

Our agency currently provides 18 group residences, including 16 in Erie County and two in Crawford County. As of January 2017, EHCA is home to 100 individuals ranging in age from 6 to 71 years.

What are developmental disabilities?

A developmental disability is defined as an intellectual or physical impairment that is manifested before the age of 22. All of the children and adults served by EHCA have the diagnosis of having an intellectual disability, and many have additional physical and medical challenges. The nature of the conditions affecting our clients include disabilities caused by premature birth or complications from delivery, such as cerebral palsy; disabilities caused by genetic transmission, such as Down syndrome; disabilities caused by congenital disorders, such as Noonan syndrome; and disabilities caused by traumatic brain injury.

I’m a parent. How can I get my child into an EHCA program?

Participants in our residential program must be referred to us by county agencies and can only be placed in a home based on need and space availability. Contact Marcia Nitczynski, Director of Residential Service & Admissions, to learn more about our residential program and schedule a tour. Parents seeking weekday services for an adult child living at home are encouraged to consider our Options or MOVE programs.

What is a doula? How can my family get help through Project First Step?

A doula assists a woman throughout her pregnancy and helps her to deliver a healthy, full-term baby. The goal is to prevent disabilities by reducing premature births. Women with at-risk pregnancies or families in need of assistance can contact our Project First Step (PFS) program. PFS can also assist with family stabilization and reunification in cooperation with the Erie County Office of Children and Youth. Contact Tina Ferraro, Project First Step Director, to learn more.

What training do you need to get a job at EHCA?

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) represent nearly three fourths of the workforce at EHCA. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and a valid driver’s license. EHCA will provide all training for successful applicants. If you have questions about current job openings, contact our Human Resources department.

Do you have programs for people with autism?

We have a growing program for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Contact our Options program for more information.