EHCA employee achieves extraordinary milestone

November 8, 2016

A typical employee stays at one job for less than 5 years, but Charlene (Char) Cyphert loved working at EHCA. She continued working at the agency for more than 50 years, retiring in June 2017.

Char began working as a Child Care Technician in 1966 when EHCA was still called Erie Infants Home and Hospital. She now serves as Adaptive Equipment Technician, a position utilizing her years of experience to enhance lives using the latest technology to create adaptive solutions for improved health, mobility, and communication.

Char witnessed tremendous growth at the agency, including its transformation from a single hospital-like facility to its current 18 community residences, two adult day programs, and family support programs. Even the agency’s name changed four times to reflect its evolving services. Yet despite all of these changes, Char’s commitment to EHCA never wavered.

“I loveed my work because I know I make a difference every day,” Char said. “I’ve watched residents grow up from children to adults. They’ve become family and friends. They’ve taught me so many lessons, like faithfulness and forgiveness.”

We are grateful for Char’s outstanding commitment to helping people with disabilities. The past 50 years certainly wouldn’t have been the same without her loyalty and leadership, and our future is brighter thanks to her shining example of what it means to enrich the lives of others.

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